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Very experienced and highly qualified, I offer professional, top quality tuition for eleven plus and other entrance exams to grammar schools and independent

schools across the UK.


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Welcome to my website! I'm Andrew Steward, 11plusonlinetutor:) A highly qualified and very experienced Eleven Plus Tutor and Teacher, I offer bespoke, top quality eleven plus tuition at a competitive price. I have extensive experience of tutoring 11 plus and Common Entrance both traditionally in person and, more recently, using the internet, which I have found to have many advantages for students and their parents.


With over 25 years' teaching and tutoring, helping hundreds of students prepare for grammar school 11 Plus tests and Common Entrance exams to independent schools, I offer high quality online specialist preparation for  CEM and other grammar school entrance exams, summer booster courses, as well as holidays in France with 11 plus!


My aim is to help children improve in confidence from Year 3 onwards with a view to preparing as far as possible for grammar school entrance exams. Many of my students gain places at grammar schools across the UK and every student who follows my 11 plus online course will become more confident and able in a number of important areas, including literacy, numeracy and logical reasoning (NVR).


Using the latest publications and my own resources, areas which your child needs to focus on are identified within a friendly, family-based learning environment.


If your child has the potential to go to a Grammar School near you, I will guide your child through 11+ question types and share golden tips within a structured course to boost confidence and substantially increase chances of success in the new 11 Plus Tests.


My 11 Plus courses are successful as I am a highly qualified and very experienced teacher and really know what I am doing (beware of DIYers without teacher qualifications)... 11 Plus tuition is tailored to your child's needs - activities are differentiated and we build towards the 11+ tests in a structured, positive way. I help to reduce '11 Plus stress' for parents and students through structured preparation and my rigorous but fun lessons where we have two carefully shared mottos: 'Well done - you've got it right!' balanced with 'The more you get wrong, the more you're going to learn - it's ok to get stuck:)' Of course, where they've got it right, we continue to build on this!


11 Plus Online Tutor for Quality Eleven Plus Tuition

I'm Qualified,


and Online!

DBS cleared with a BSc honours degree, PGCE and Advanced Diploma in Education, I'm a very highly qualified teacher and experienced 11 Plus Tutor (not a 'DIYer'), who has taught eleven plus techniques in schools, in groups and 1:1 over the past 20 years with great success.

I have taught 11 Plus skills in several prep schools and have  25 years' experience in teaching and tutoring. Much of this experience has been in 11+ tuition: VR, NVR, Maths and English. 11+ preparation is a specialism of mine. I motivate students to achieve their 11 Plus potential through a structured approach, high expectations, rigour and fun!




Welcome to my 11 Plus Site!

It's rare to find such an experienced 11 plus tutor teaching online. This is the perfect option for busy parents and students, as well as those living in more remote areas at considerable distances from other tutors. Please click here for more information on why online 11plus tuition is an excellent option.

I've enjoyed great success in helping my own daughters and countless 11 Plus students pass to grammar schools over the years. It's always a privilege to teach my students and to hear of significant progress at school while witnessing impressive progress in their literacy and numeracy, as well as improved confidence. I have received many excellent testimonials over the years from 11 Plus students and their parents:)

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