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DBS cleared with a BSc honours degree, PGCE and Advanced Diploma in Education, I'm a very highly qualified teacher and experienced 11 Plus Tutor (not a 'DIYer'), who has taught eleven plus techniques in schools, in groups and 1:1 over the past 20 years with great success.

It's rare to find such an experienced 11 plus tutor teaching online. This is the perfect option for busy parents and students, as well as those living in more remote areas at considerable distances from other tutors. Please click here for more information on why online 11plus tuition is an excellent option.

I have taught 11 Plus skills in several prep schools and have  25 years' experience in teaching and tutoring. Much of this experience has been in 11+ tuition: VR, NVR, Maths and English. 11+ preparation is a specialism of mine. I motivate students to achieve their 11 Plus potential through a structured approach, high expectations, rigour and fun!

I've enjoyed great success in helping my own daughters and countless 11 Plus students pass to grammar schools over the years. It's always a privilege to teach my students and to hear of significant progress at school while witnessing impressive progress in their literacy and numeracy, as well as improved confidence. I have received many excellent testimonials over the years from 11 Plus students and their parents:)

Andrew Steward, Eleven PlusTutor Offering Quality 11 plus Tuition

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I shall be continuing to offer daytime online lessons in Primary and Secondary General Subjects, English, Maths, French, German, Spanish, EFL,11 Plus and other Entrance Exam Preparation to individuals and groups throughout the summer and into the next academic year. For more information, please contact me using my

 contact form or by calling / texting / whatsapping me on +447482675936

Andrew has provided an excellent tutoring service for our son S. We have noticed a marked improvement in not only S's academic ability, but also in his confidence and motivation throughout his year studying with Andrew.'


S's Mum

We originally took our daughter to see Andrew at the beginning of Year 4 as we were concerned she was not making progress in her numeracy work. After an initial assessment our concerns were confirmed. Having discussed the situation with our daughter we all decided to book some more sessions with Andrew. Some 18+ months down the line our daughter has grown in confidence with regard to all her school work and is currently working towards taking the 11+ in September 2019. Andrew is a very patient tutor whom our daughter looks forward to seeing on a weekly basis. Now Andrew is based in France and the sessions take place over Skype, it is even more convenient. At the end of each lesson Andrew sends the work to be completed by the following week. We encourage our daughter to complete this work as soon as possible in order to send it back in time for the following week's session. There is also a period set aside at the end of each lesson where we can discuss what progress our daughter has made over the previous week and what areas she needs to concentrate on. All in all, we are very satisfied with the academic progress our daughter has made, but more importantly we have seen her grow in confidence.


M's Dad


'We have been very pleased by our daughter’s progress under Andrew’s tutelage.


The school judged our daughter’s Maths and Non-VR skills were not quite up to the standard for Grammar School Admission, but she really wanted to give it a go, so we engaged Andrew to help her.


Andrew worked on her weaknesses, tracked her progress and imparted valuable advice on exam technique. She enjoyed the sessions and the improvement in her work and understanding was clear to see. And most significantly for us, her confidence soared.


This October, she achieved an excellent result, meeting the standard for three of the four schools we shared results with, including the High School for Girls. Thank you, Andrew, for helping to give her so many choices. 


B's Dad


THANKS! You've been the best tutor ever!




Thanks you for all the help for the test. You have been amazing!



Thank you very very much for all your help... I have been accepted for a place at STR. I could not have got my place without your help.  




Thank you for teaching me so much. Now I know so much more.



Thank you for being a brilliant teacher. You have really improved my Maths and English



Just a note to say I passed my 11+. Thank you for all your help!




You have helped me a lot!




Andrew is a really great tutor, he is always up for some fun but is strict when he needs to be. He gives his students a very effective session, always powering through work and making sure that his students understand.




Thank you so much for helping me get into Denmark and Ribston. When I think of my great school, I'll think of you!  



T has had a wonderful year with Andrew. As well as giving him invaluable experience with the grammar school type tests, it has also been very useful with T's day-to-day work at school, and even if if he doesn't get a place, the experience will have been well worth it.'


T's Mum

Our son enjoyed his tutoring time with Andrew. He particularly enjoyed the competitive games Andrew has devised to make the learning fun. Our son found Andrew's teaching and explanations easy to understand, he had lots of good tips.


A's Mum


When we decided we wanted our son to take the 11+ exam we decided that he shouldn't need tutoring and indeed, at the first grammar school open day we attended, the headmaster advised against tutoring saying that there is a danger that, if the child doesn't have the natural ability to be successful in a grammar school then they could struggle.


However, a work colleague suggested we had a chat with Andrew who had tutored both their children and they had both been successful in attending their first-choice school. Having met with Andrew we were confident he would help our son to prepare.


As soon as our son began his sessions it became clear that there were major parts of the test that our son would never encounter at school. Perhaps other schools cover them but our sons’ didn't. This was reason enough to continue with Andrew, which we did for around nine months.


Using Andrew of course doesn't mean you are outsourcing the problem. There was homework,  reading, vocabulary, and the family were all engaged in the process. During the school year, the extra effort put in by our son and the tuition from Andrew had a very positive impact on his results at school; he was being encouraged and challenged by Andrew to achieve his full potential.


We have learned this week that our son was successful in getting a place at the grammar school he wanted. But even if he hadn't, the tutoring was worth the time and money to see our son achieve his potential. In fact, today we are discussing continuing with Andrew throughout year six.


O's Dad


Andrew has provided very focused and organised tuition which has prepared our son well for the 11+ test, as well as developed his confidence about embracing educational challenges in school. Andrew has provided consistent levels of support throughout the year. Many thanks for the learning opportunity.


R's Dad








We engaged Andrew to help our daughter to prepare for her 11 plus exam. The tutoring sessions were well-structured and ensured that she went in to the exam feeling confident and well-prepared. Andrew covered not only the curriculum and content of the exam, but also exam techniques. He also tried to make the tutoring sessions enjoyable, which was important. We were very pleased with the whole process, and have now engaged Andrew to help our younger daughter to prepare for her 11 plus exam.


H's Mum