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DBS cleared with a BSc honours degree, PGCE and Advanced Diploma in Education, I'm a very highly qualified teacher and experienced 11 Plus Tutor (not a 'DIYer'), who has taught eleven plus techniques in schools, in groups and 1:1 over the past 20 years with great success.

It's rare to find such an experienced 11 plus tutor teaching online. This is the perfect option for busy parents and students, as well as those living in more remote areas at considerable distances from other tutors. Please click here for more information on why online 11plus tuition is an excellent option.

I have taught 11 Plus skills in several prep schools and have  25 years' experience in teaching and tutoring. Much of this experience has been in 11+ tuition: VR, NVR, Maths and English. 11+ preparation is a specialism of mine. I motivate students to achieve their 11 Plus potential through a structured approach, high expectations, rigour and fun!

I've enjoyed great success in helping my own daughters and countless 11 Plus students pass to grammar schools over the years. It's always a privilege to teach my students and to hear of significant progress at school while witnessing impressive progress in their literacy and numeracy, as well as improved confidence. I have received many excellent testimonials over the years from 11 Plus students and their parents:)

Andrew Steward, Eleven PlusTutor Offering Quality 11 plus Tuition

Contact or tel.+44 7482675936



I shall be continuing to offer daytime online lessons in Primary and Secondary General Subjects, English, Maths, French, German, Spanish, EFL,11 Plus and other Entrance Exam Preparation to individuals and groups throughout the summer and into the next academic year. For more information, please contact me using my

 contact form or by calling / texting / whatsapping me on +447482675936



Firstly, the quality of the tutor is paramount. If you know a tutor in person who is available, nearby and as qualified and experienced as me - no problem. If not, I'm here! My availability is often limited due to high demand, but I will always do my best to accommodate and advise.


For busy parents and students this is an ideal option, avoiding the need for travel to and from the tutor at peak travel times. There is no waiting around either (often in the car) while the tutorial takes place... For tutors who have time to travel to you (not a good sign) you will need to be there to meet and greet as well as pay for travel time and petrol. Online tuition avoids all this and has many other advantages ...



The tutorial takes place in a familiar environment


Focus is often better online as the tutor and student share the same screen


Online lessons mirror in-person tutorials and it is as if I am in the same room with the student so nothing is lost here


With an adept and prepared online tutor (like me!) files are all ready at the start of the lesson and the pace of the lesson is  faster than usual with more being covered in an hour's tutorial


Text boxes allow for easy answering, notetaking and records of lessons and scores


Homework and answers are easily exchanged


Students become adept at e-learning and take to it like ducks to water, improving their IT skills on the way!


Admin is easy and happens via email / skype / internet banking


Parents and Students can contact me via skype between lessons and I offer free feedback outside the hour at the end of each tutorial










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Advantages of 11 Plus Online Tuition